Vietnamese Egg Coffee

The idea behind Vietnamese Egg Coffee is quite simple: instead of using regular milk to get that creamy and thick consistency, raw egg yolk is added…read more 

Vietnamese bread

Originated from French Baguette Bread, Vietnamese bread are modified to be shorter with crispier exterior and less condensed interior in order to make it fit for dining habit of the Vietnamese…read more

Tinh hoa lẩu Việt – Gói trọn vị giác

Packed with the quintessence of Asian hotpot, diners are completely immersed in the rich, ecstatic hot pot flavor with special accompaniments. You can enjoy a COMPLETE meal from starter – main course (hot pot) – side dish – dessert. All in one restaurant – Saigon Chef!!!…read more


Saigon Chef is not only a place to eat or drink, but also a place to help you express yourself through good songs that are not available everywhere. Experience and enjoy!!!…read more